Sunday, October 23, 2005

Grand Prix Begins

Skate America is in the bag...And while I cannot comment on all the competition (not all of it has aired, I don't want to be the spoiler), we can certainly comment on the ladies free skate which aired today.

First off, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to see the American ladies do fairly well. We took 2nd, 4th, and 5th in a field of 10...not to shabby. Certainly impressed with Alissa Czisny's effort, what a talent!

Secondly...Kudos to Elena Sokolova. I think that is the best condition I have ever seen her in for the beginning of a season. She has a lot of work to do, but I think this will be a good season for her. A Grand Prix win is certainly going to be a boost of confidence for her.

Question. Can't Josee Chouinard do something for Yoshie Onda's horrific choreography. I think Katarina Witt nailed it on the head when she said, "I think Yoshie needs to pick a piece of music that fits her style."

Speaking of Katarina Witt...last week I was so excited to see Kurt Browning on staff for commentary...This time we got Katarina Witt. Are we going to get a different pro commentator each week? If so, I predict Todd Eldredge for Skate Canada.

p.s. If I have to watch another Ore-Ida commercial...


Anonymous said...

I was sick of Dick Button's nasty comments on everyone he dislikes. Yeah I don't like some skaters' styles but they are doing their best! Who the heck is he to say things like "not acceptable" and "horrible" "ugly" etc. On the other hand it's good hear Kurt Browning's comments. He is not only nice but also informative!

Aaron said...

I completely respect Dick Button...he know skating like no other...but so often he does give off a negative vibe sometimes. I suggest the Susie Wynn approach: Instead of saying, "The leg position on that layback spin is not acceptable" try..."In the future she'll wan't to work on that position to attain a better leg position and back arch." Each statment is the same, but one sounds so much nicer!