Sunday, October 16, 2005

A nice addition

I was pleasantly surprised today watching the Campbell Soup's International Competition. Unfortunately, it wasn't the skating that pleasantly surprised me, it was Kurt Browning.

ABC Sports, in a brilliant move, has added Kurt to their commentary team. Poor Peter Carruthers has been delegated to rink-side interview duty.

My favorite line from Kurt Browning came when Takeshi Honda, the men's champion, managed to not fall on a horrible Triple Axel, "Congratulations. You have to congratulate a skater who can save that."

I hope Kurt Browning joins the ABC Sports/ESPN team for the Grand Prix Series. I don't think I can handle the constant rant rant rant of Paul Wylie again.

p.s. Did anyone manage to see Emmanuel Sandhu, Timothy Goebel, or Michael Weiss' performances? My coverage began with Evan Lysacek.


Anonymous said...

Yay Kurt!

Kurt is a genuine nice guy! I am so happy that we have someone like him to do a job that so many have failed abysmally at over the past few years.

Anonymous said...

I was just trying out Google's Blog search, and came across this post.

Kurt's signed on as an ABC/ESPN commentator for 5 events this season - Campbells, Skate America, US Nationals, Worlds, and one competition TBA. Actually, I think he's signed on as a regular commentator for five events a season (Skate America, US Nationals, Worlds, and two others that will vary season by season), but I may have misheard him...

I'm glad you enjoy his commentating!

Tina - Webmaster, The Kurt Files

Anonymous said...

i was just browsing blogger websites about different figureskaters and found yours~ i have really some to like Kurt! he is reallly good at the job he does and hope he keeps up the good work he does. he has something alot of people work for years to improve. he gets it naturally it seems! you know Skate America airs on sunday! i cant wait! nice website