Friday, November 11, 2005

Why the break?

Why the big break in the middle of the Grand Prix Season? Three back to back events, Skate America, Skate Canada, and Cup of China. Then...a week long break...for what?

Let's extend the Grand Prix season out further into December? Let's completely ignore the fact that these skaters have National Championships to consider. Hello! It's an Olympic Year, shouldn't we be giving these athletes the break between the grand prix and their nationals?

If you're a U.S. Skater that competes in the Grand Prix Series and Makes the Final (or basically Alissa Czisny, possibly Inoue and Baldwin Jr.) you have the Grand Prix Final in Tokyo, 2 weeks later your in St. Louis for Nationals, week later in Colorado Springs for the Four Continents Cup, 2 weeks later in Turin for the Olympics! It's basically as packed for European Skaters, just replace the Four Continents Cup with Europeans and you have the same recipe, ridiculous schedule!

Remember, some of these skaters are squeezing in an invitational or two as well. Remember the good ole' days when the Grand Prix Final was after U.S. Nationals, a couple of weeks before worlds. I liked that system far better. They could definitely move the Grand Prix Final after the Olympic.

I just feel for these athletes, their bodies, their poor bodies.

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Amy said...


Hi, I just found your blog and I like it. It is nice to see a blog dedicated to figure skating. I am a big figure skating fan. I try and watch it as much as I can. I can't wait to watch the olympics this winter. Sure hope Michelle can make the olympic team and finally achieve her dream of wining the olympics.