Monday, October 08, 2007

Look at that!

Looks like U.S. Figure Skating had another successful weekend! This time, we stomped on the Japanese team!

Figure Skating is big time in Japan right now (think U.S. post Nancy knee whack!) so they have lots of fun competitions like this past weekend's International Counter Match. The competition pitted U.S. skaters against Japanese skaters and Team USA came through.

Our field of talented men included Jeremy Abbott, Ryan Bradley, Stephen Carriere, and Johnny Weir. Reportedly Johnny looked very well trained and very much "with it" for this early in the season. I've been critical of Johnny in the past, maybe this will be the season where I hop on the Weir bandwagon (well see...)?

Japanese men's competitors included: Tatsuki Machida, Yasuhari Nanri, Kensuke Nakaniwa, and World Silver Medalist Daisuke Takahashi. Apparently none of the men save Johnny looked spectacular with the Americans winning 2 of the 4 match ups (Abbott and Bradley lost), with the U.S. winning convincingly because of Johnny's performance.

On the Women's side it was far closer. Competing for the U.S. was Mirai Nagasu, Rachel Flatt, Caroline Zhang, and Beatrisa (Bebe) Liang. Mirai lost her match-up against Rumi Suizu, and then Caroline Zhang stunningly defeated Miki Ando, the World Champion! Rachel Flatt was next and lost to World Silver Medalist Mao Asada. Very close going into the final match-up. Bebe wasn't perfect, but it was enough to slip past veteran Fumie Suguri and clinch the title for the American's.

Seems like an exciting competition! Check out the full details at this address:

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