Sunday, October 28, 2007

Skate America Report 3

It turned out to be another fantastic day! If you are ever in Pennsylvania, I suggest a trip to Gettysburg National Military Park. It was really moving walking where history has been made...history that really defines our nation. It was truly a site to behold.

The skating wrapped up today. I was able to chit chat some more with Amanda Evora's parents and Davis and White's family. They are really very nice people! I was a bit confused by the final standings of the ice dance competition. Davis and White finished 4th...I would have easily had them 3rd and maybe even second. I think the judges are not appreciating the super technical content White and Davis are executing; I certainly hope they are judged better in France. The bronze medal went to the Italians despite having a nasty fall mid program. They managed to recover but the program lost steam after that; the music of "Yentl" doesn't seem to match their personality. The French claimed the silver with a high energy new-age program that certainly felt french. This team has made big improvements since last season. Tanith and Ben of course won the gold and their Beethoven program is brilliant. This program may be the one that gets them to the top of the World Podium.

Let me be blunt...Caroline Zhang should be the 2007 Skate America Champ...she got short-changed by the judges, she was spectacular. She did win the bronze beating out Emily Hughes (who had big troubles with her jumps). Miki Ando captured the silver with a powerful performance. She had a couple minor jump issues but overall she looks well trained and ready to go this season. Kimmie Meissner won the gold...somehow. She too had some jump issues popping a planned triple lutz, again cheating the second half of her triple/triple and stepping out of a salchow. I can say her choice of music, Puccini's "Turnadot" is brilliant.

The night ended with the exhibition performances. Three times were treated to Timberlake's "I'm bringing Sexy Back." Once again Caroline Zhang brought the crowd to their feet with a brilliant performance, Daisuke Takahashi brought elegance and speed to the ice, Dube and Davison brought a tear to all our faces with their gorgeous skate, The Haydenette's stopped by for a performance and Tanith Belbin did indeed bring sexy back!

Skate America was a blast...thank you Reading,'s been swell! Okay, time to hop on a plane and make my way to Quebec City, Canada!

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