Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Big Buzz

Over the past few months I have seen a great deal of buzz about this young man...Eliot Halverson.

He has been the poster boy for the upcoming national championships...of the senior men competitors, he's the only one from St. Paul (however it stands to reason that Rohene Ward from Minneapolis will have some support as well). He's made appearances all over the place, he's been plastered all over the USFSA and Ice Network websites, and he's the featured skater at Figure Skaters Online. Ummm, he must be pretty spectacular!

But aside from his celebrity I knew literally nothing about him. I discovered he was the Junior Champ at last years National Championships. I also discovered he was tenth at last years Junior Worlds. He's also a previous Novice Champ.

Can this kid live up to his hype?


Anonymous said...

Eliot Halverson's a great kid and a great skater. There are some vids of him up on YouTube. He's got great edges and a gorgeous line. He was a fantastic junior, with a Biellmann spin better than some of the ladies. However, this season, he's had some problems. He's been growing a little and that does lead to problems. Plus, he's the Saint Paul poster-kid in his first senior season! That's a lot of pressure for a 16 year old who has flown under the radar until now. Last season he won two medals on the JGP. This season, he didn't do as well. Although his programs were clean and great to watch, he got dinged by underrotation calls. He's also working hard on a triple axel, with the goal of having it consistent for Nationals. He landed a beautiful one at Midwestern Sectionals.

Eliot Halverson is a great skater and I'm sure he'll make everyone proud at Nationals. I'm just hope the press can put this into perspective: he's a 16 year old at his first senior run at Nationals. He has competed at a total of ONE senior competition going into nationals. A lot of the best skaters didn't do so well their first time out. Reigning national champion Evan Lysacek placed 12th his first *two* tries as a senior at nationals, and that was coming off of being back-to-back novice and junior champion like Eliot Halverson. I'm sure Eliot will do well, but a top-six placement for him would be a dream come true. I hope the St. Paul press doesn't decide to hype him as a podium contender. He's young, this nationals is about experience. Nothing more. I kinda wish he were coming in under the radar again, because I think, with no pressure, he could blow everyone away and place well enough to get a trip to Junior Worlds. As it is, I just hope they don't put their expectations so high that there's no way he can acheieve them.

Go Eliot!

Aaron said...

Well I will be sure to give a little extra cheer when he takes the ice! Experience is so important and you are absolutely correct in noting that.