Friday, December 14, 2007

This is not what I expected!

So the short programs and the original dance are done at the Grand Prix Final and let me tell you...we have a competition!

Let's start with pairs where I think there was the least amount of surprise. Predictably the Germans Savchenko and Szolkowy lead the Chinese teams of Zhang and Zhang as well as Pang and Tong. Sitting in fourth are the new Canadian upstarts of Dube and Davison. Americnas McLaughlin and Brubaker are in 5th ahead of (and this surprised me a bit) of Russians Kawaguchi and Smirnov. There is some room between each of the teams except the leaders who are just slightly ahead of the Zhang's. I predict the standings won't change much after the free in Pairs.

In the men's category, Daisuke Takahashi barely has the lead over Stephane Lambiel who got his Triple Axel back and landed a quad. Evan Lysacek who also put a quad in his short is third. Johnny Weir looks to have had a slight meltdown. He's been the most consistent skater this season, but he took a deduction in the short program and stumbled into fourth place ahead of Van Der Perren (5th) and Chan (6th). Maybe his free skate tomorrow will be better...or are we back to business as usual with Mr. Weir?

I have never seen a dance spread so close. The top four teams are very close! Americans Belbin and Agosto have a razor slim lead over the French team of Delobel and Scheonfelder. Russians Domnina and Shabalin are in third ahead of young Canadians Virtue and Moir. Very close among the top 4. Russians Khoklova and Novitski are in 5th just ahead of Bourzat and Pechalat. Can Belbin and Agosto hold their lead? Will the Russians who have achieved the highest dance total for a free dance this season (Cup of Russia) come roaring back? Will the French or Canadian team factor in? It's all so exciting!

Major meltdown among the women! Yu-Na Kim leads...unsurprisingly. She is by far the one to beat this year! But then the standings are crazy! Caroline Zhang is in second place...SECOND PLACE! Carolina Kostner is in third...don't know how that happened. Nakano of Japan sits fourth while Kimmie Meissner's struggles continue as she is in fifth but the story is Asada. Mao Asada is in last place. All season long she has struggled with her triple flip/triple loop combo and the deduction for her flutz. She has appeared frustrated and insecure about her skating and to put it bluntly, #*%@ just hit the fan!

What will the free skate bring?

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