Friday, January 04, 2008

Is it the End?

His career was looking so promising a couple of seasons ago. He was winning Grand Prix events, landing triples more consistently, great choreography. But then there was the Olympic meltdown where he finished 13th. However, he got it back together for the 2006 Worlds with a top six finish. But then the 2006-2007 season happened. No trip to the Grand Prix Final, only a third place finish at Canadian Nationals, and a 16th place finish at worlds (ouch)!

Emanuel Sandhu's career seems to be spinning out of control. He withdrew from all international competition this fall (to focus on singing, modeling, and acting prospects) and today announced he will not compete at this years Canadian National Championships. This means he is not eligible for any more international competition this season.

Is he done? He is, after all, 27. Not exactly the youngest guy on the scene and his career seems to be getting away from him. He insists that he is planning on competing in the 2010 season with a hope of making the Olympic Team, but is it too little too late? Emanuel is one of my favorite skaters but even I have to face the reality that perhaps his better days are behind him.

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