Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pic of the Week

I've recently discovered that many fans of figure skating didn't quite know Tomas Verner. I received a couple of e-mail from people asking me who this guy was in my poll. Well, he's the European Champion for the first time in his career and a name we'll be seeing for some time to come.

He won the European title last week, defeating Lambiel and Joubert in the process. He is a skater who wears his emotion on his sleeve. You know when he's upset, you know when he's happy. After a great program, he's the skater that jumps up and down, pumps his fists, and nearly burts a blood vessel because he's so excited! And this season he has really shown he can compete with the best in the world. Besides his European win, he also skated great at the NHK Trophy, placing second but giving Takahashi a run for his money.

There have been few skaters from the Czech Republic I would call serious contenders (Sabovcik, Barna, Kavarikova and Novotny, and now Verner) but he very well may have the potential to be a contender hiself!

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