Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pic of the Week

Can he be stopped? That is the question all the top men in figure skating have got to be asking themselves as they head towards the World Championships in Goteborg, Sweden.

His resume this season looks awfully good. Wins at Skate America and NHK Trophy. A very close second place at the Grand Prix Final, but then he started posting big numbers at both the Japanese National Championships and now the Four Continents Cup. You have to think that he is the favorite for a win at Worlds and I don't know that he can be stopped. Who would stop him. Lambiel did defeat him at the grand Prix Final...but then Lambiel doesn't even have a consistent triple axle right now! Lysacek...would need to hit everything in his program and then some. lucky he can skate right now! Weir...not enough technical content in the back-half of his program. Verner....hmmmm? Verner was very close to him at NHK and did beat both Lambiel and Joubert at Europeans so on paper maybe he has the best shot? Maybe not?

Whatever the outcome, the Takahashi star has arrived and it shines bright!


mmmmss said...

Verner is only the best choice in paper. In the Free Program, Lambiel got almost the same score and without a triple axel if I remember well, and Joubert was sick at the time, it's obvious he couldn't skate like he usually does. In the Worlds 2008, if they are all healthy and focused, I think both Lambiel and Joubert can be just as serious contenders to win the gold medal as Daisuke.

Aaron said...

I agree about Verner...he hasn't yet proven to me he can be consistent and I would never count out Lambiel or Joubert!