Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pic of the Week

So next Monday is the big day! Dancing With the Stars is back and of course Kristi Yamaguchi will be out there burning up the dance floor. And I have no doubt that she can, in fact, burn up the dance floor (insert sizzling sound!).

Can she shake her groove thing? Most of my blog readers think so (see poll on the right!). In fact, most believe she can win. Maybe this is a tall order given she is squaring off against red-hot hip-hop stars (Mario), NFL hotties (Jason Taylor), and sizzling Latino heartthrobs (Christian De La Fuente)...but hey, I have faith in her.

Next week you'll see a new addition to the blog, the weekly piece, Kristi Can Dance! I'm really hoping to be able to bring you her performance each week with my analysis. And did I mention she's dancing with Mark Ballas!

A warning...Len, Bruno, Carrie nice...OR BEWARE!

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