Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kristi Can Dance

Oh boy can Kristi dance! So it was the much anticipated Latin Week on DWTS and the top 8 slinked and slid around the dance floor to the Rhumba and Samba.

Solid efforts were given by Mario and Marissa but it was once again Kristi's night as she alone was the leader with another 29! Kristi danced the Rhumba and the sexual tension between she and Mark was palpable! For the first time she really let it all hang out, literally, as half-way through the dance Mark ripped her hair clip out of her hair and she flung her hair around losely in the throws of passion (I should be a author!).

It was sensual, seductive, sexy, and finally she was able to pull a 10 out of Len who, on her dance commented, "I have three words...fab-u-lous!" It was so good, they were the encore performance Wednesday night!

And on elimination night Kristi and Mark didn't have to wait in suspense long...they were the very first team granted safety! Her competitor from last week Jason Taylor was also safe, although he didn't quite hit the high score he acheived last week.

And poor poor Priscilla Presley, she started off a front runner and how she has fallen from grace. She is the celebrity that leaves us this week after a Rhumba that didn't Rhumba much at all.

7 Stars are left...keep voting for Kristi! A nice recap of events can be found over at Shimmy.

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