Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kristi Can Dance

Well on Tuesday night she did it! She did it! Perfect 30! Kristi and Mark danced a Jive that was absolutely amazing! It was perfect. The steps were blazing fast, footwork was precise, high energy.

She and Mark did a fun pseudo Buddy Holly number that not only burned up the dance floor, but entertained the crowd as well. Kristi held nothing back and brought more energy and impact to the dance floor than ever before!

All three judges were overwhelmed and Len and Bruno cited the dance as being one of the finest ever on the show...this or any season! The only dances I can think of that match this level are Sabrina Bryant's Paso Doble from last season (also with Mark Ballas) and Drew Lachey's Viennese Waltz!

Three other couples did well with scores in the high 20s. Mario and Karina brought sexy back with a steamy performance, Christian and Cheryl had a good night and Marissa and Tony brought a fairy-tale performance. Shannon and Derek and Jason and Edyta continued to struggle a bit! But all the couples had a good time with group "Ho Down!"

Unfortunately someone had to leave Tuesday and after two tough weeks Marlee Matlin was the celebrity with the fewest votes. She was gracious in her departure and thanked everyone for their support. Despite the fact that she leaves the show, she is an inspiration that anyone can overcome their difficulties and achieve whatever they want!

Next week the competition rolls on with the top 6 celebrities. Each celebrity must now learn two dances and the final is fast approaching! KEEP VOTING FOR KRISTI...KRISTI CAN DANCE!!!!

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