Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kristi Can Dance

I blame Len Goodman! It is all his fault that our beloved Kristi fell from the top...she fell all the way down to...gasp...second place! Carrie Ann was especially nit picky about Kristi's turns in her Viennese Waltz and she received her lowest score of the season, a 26! Kristi's biggest competitor, Jason Taylor turned in a quick step that was fantastic and earned his best score of the season, a 29.

But Kristi pulled out all the stops in the Latin Round! She and Mark danced a Cha Cha that was crazy amazing! All the steps were spot on, energetic, and sassy. The choreography was set to Rhianna's Please Don't Stop the Music and it killed! At the mid part of the dance, Mark threw in his signature hip-hop style and the crowd was electrified! When it came to the judges though....oh Len...I could kill him. Carrie Ann and Bruno were 1000% impressed but Len fussed about "all that messin' around with hip-hop...I don't like it." Two 10's and 8 (from Len!) left Kristi and Mark in second place, one point behind Jason and Edyta who delivered a Monday Night Football themed Paso Doble, complete with illegal lift!

Other highlights on the night was Marissa Jaret Winokur's continued ability to excel and Christian de la Fuente tearing a tendon in his arm! It was uncertain up to the last minute if he would be able to continue next week, doctor says he can.

But someone had to go home and luckily it wasn't Kristi and Mark who were the first couple granted safety on the results show. The bottom two were Broadway star Winokur and Shannon Elizabeth and America gave Shannon the boot after an awkward Samba.

Only 5 celebrities are left: Kristi, Jason, Marissa, Christian, and Mario...who will win (well...we know the answer to that because we will keep voting...right?)?


Ice Mom said...

You know, Aaron, you are the reason I keep tuning into Dancing with the Stars. Ice Girl and I are now hooked!

Aaron said...

I love it and every week I just hold my breath! This is the best season ever and I'm glad you both enjoy the show...KEEP VOTING!