Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kristi Can Dance - Finale

One way or the other it comes to an end tonight. But in the words of Carrie Ann Inaba, "It's ladies night tonight!"

Kristi's performance in the finale...ridiculous! She took her competition, devoured them, chewed them up, spit them out, mopped them up, and then blew them a kiss...she killed it!

Kristi and Mark were the clear front runners in the first round Cha Cha dance off, not only hitting clean and precise movements, but bringing down the house with electrifying energy and crazy difficult moves! All the judges were in agreement that no one was close to touching Kristi...and she pulled out a perfect 30 in round one!

Round two was the freestyle and Kristi and Mark again hit a sick routine. They incorporated every style of dance, infused it with hip-hop, and did it all in perfect time. The crowd gave her a standing ovation and Bruno called her "Ms. Synchronicity" and continued by saying "For me, this is worthy of the title!" Even Len who had been turned off by Kristi and Mark's hip-hop infused Cha Cha earlier in the season even said "That kept my attention from start to finish. Bloody good job!" When the Marks came up...another perfect 30 for a perfect 60 on the evening...PERFECT 60!

Christian de la Fuente is in second with 52 points, Taylor in last with 51. Both had okay nights, but even the judges had to tell them they were paling in comparison to Kristi.

Tonight, the finalist get one more chance to impress the judges before the points are added up and the winner is named. I hope everyone voted. I'm so excited...GO KRISTI...SHE CAN DANCE!

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