Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Kristi Can Dance (Quarterfinals!)

The top five slung around the dance floor in the hotly contested quarter finals. Everyone seemed to be on their A game in the first round with all five celebrities getting high marks from the judges. Kristi and Mark found themselves tied at the top (with a score of 29) with the one-armed bandit Christian de la Fuente. Kristi turned in a spot-on Quickstep, Christian danced an energetic Tango.

But it was in round two where once again Kristi was supplanted into the number two spot when Christian came with it again with a Samba that didn't quit despite the fact that he cant use his left arm. Kristi also danced the Samba and reluctantly I had to agree with Carrie Ann who commented. "I can't believe I'm saying this...I didn't care for it." It was definitely Kristi's weakest dance to date which left me nervous for the results show.

In a complete reversal, Jason and Edyta found themselves second from the bottom, just above Marissa and Tony. Mario and Carina found themselves snuggled in the middle.

But the results show came (I both love and hate it!), complete with former DWTS celebrities making a homecoming as it was the 100th episode! We saw alumni such as Apollo Anton Ohno, Mario Lopez, and Mel B return to the floor with brand new routines, it was great. But the results, I was nervous because of Kristi's first weak performance. The first couple granted safety...Marissa and Tony...gasp! They had the lowest score...I got really nervous. The next couple granted safety...Kristi and Mark! Whew! It ended up being Mario and Carina and Jason and Edyta who had to sweat it out and in the end Hip-Hop star Mario was sent packing (to be honest, I would have like to have seen Jason go...that would make Kristi's road to victory a bit easier!). A gentlemen always, he spoke of Len's comments about how he was a role model and a hero for young people, and he rejected those praises saying it was the men and women fighting overseas who were the true heroes and role models.

And so next week is the semi-finals. Four teams, one last chance to impress America before the finale. Who will win Dancing with the Stars...chime in with this weeks poll (top of blog), and keep voting for Kristi...she needs us more than ever now!

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