Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kristi Can Dance - Semi-Finals

The pressure was on this week like never before! Four teams, only three spots in the final. Who would thrill? Who would spill? And most importantly, who would make it to the finale?

All four of the remaining celebrities turned in great dances in the Ballroom Round. It was Kristi, however, who found herself leading the pack after a fantastic Tango that showed the full range of emotions in the dance. Marissa was at the bottom after missing a leap on her running footwork.

On to the Latin Round where again Kristi shined in her Jive. Bruno called the dance the "cherry on top of the icing" and awarded her a perfect 10! Christian and Jason continued to split the middle, however, this time Christian got through his Samba, managing to not injure his other arm. Poor Marissa again at the bottom of the pack.

But it is the votes that matter most...and my heart was beating so fast last night...would Kristi make it to the final or would she be sent packing? When they revealed the first couple dancing in the final...KRISTI AND MARK! Yay! I was so excited I could have peed!

Her competition will be the two guys, Christian and Jason, as Marissa couldn't make a third-straight comeback from the bottom two.

Who will win? NFL Man of the Year? Latin Heartthrob? Olympic Gold Medalist? It's too intense I almost can't take it!

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