Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kristi Can Dance

It's bittersweet! This is my final installment of Kristi Can Dance...for 10 weeks we have lived the excitement of Dancing With the Stars together. We held our breath as the celebrities, one by one, bid farewell. Penn Gillete, Monica Seles, Steve Gutenburg, Adam Carolla, Priscilla Presley, Marlee Matlin, Shannon Elizabeth, Mario, Marissa Jaret Winokur, and Christian de la Fuente were all kicked out of the competition leaving only Jason Taylor and Kristi Yamaguchi.

Both athletes, both determined, both competitive, and both hungry for the Mirror Ball Trophy that signifies the pinnacle of Dancing With the Stars. On the night the decision would be made, both Jason and Mark turned in knockout performances. Kristi an amazing Jive, Jason a stellar Quick Step. Jason came into the final decision with 81 points, Kristi a perfect 90...but of course it is ultimately the peoples vote that counts the most.

After all the discharged celebrities flung around the dance floor one last time and past champions weighed in on who they thought would win the time had come to crown a new champion. Kristi and Mark, both drenched in red light, nervously awaited their fate. NFL Star vs Olympic Champion. Gridiron vs Fresh Ice. Man vs Women! Everyone held their breath..."The Winner of Season 6 of Dancing with the Stars is..."

I couldn't look at the T.V. I could hear my heart beating. I just kept thinking..."is their another phone line I could have called from...was there another e-mail address I could have registered and voted? Was 45 votes enough?"

Tom and Samantha looked both Kristi and Jason in the eyes and announced the winner..."KRISTI YAMAGUCHI!"

I jumped up...I'm pretty sure I touched my ceiling and I have high ceilings. I screamed like crazy and did a one knee pull my arm yes yes yes. Next a text to everyone...OMG! KRISTI WON DWTS! YES! Then I even had a glass of Champagne to celebrate.

So excited...from the very beginning I have believed in her and she pulled through...she actually won. This, for me has been the best season of DWTS and I hope everyone enjoyed the call. In my final weekly Kristi post, I send this message. CONGRATULATIONS KRISTI...GIRL, YOU CAN DANCE!

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