Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pic of the Week

In my estimation they are one of the greatest Ice Dance teams of all time and I must say I'm sorry to see them go from competitive skating.

Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon have been consistent performers since forever. They have always had the most inventive lifts and crowd pleasing programs. One of my favorite programs of all time (I'll try to find it on YouTube and post it here) is their "Dance With My Heart" Free Dance from the 2003 World Championships. I remember being in the audience and being able to hear a pin drop in the arena. The music, which had been written especially for them, was haunting and beautiful and all of us at the MCI Center were captivated (I hold the 2003 World Championships as the best skating event I ever attended).

And I hold their 2006 "Somewhere in Time" Free Dance as one of the greatest Ice Dance programs ever. We were robbed of it at the 2006 Olympics after they took a nasty spill in the OD and had to withdraw but came back brilliantly to win the Silver Medal (almost won Gold!) at the 2006 World Championships at home in Calgary. I just get chills thinking about it. A piece of me wanted them to be greedy and go for gold in 2010 in Vancouver (also at home).

Well they are soon to wed (Patrice proposed during the Stars on Ice tour) and will continue as professionals and I just wish them the very best. Marie-France and Patrice are truly two of my favorites!

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