Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pic of the Week

Funniest thing happened this past week. My friend Josh, his parents are hosting a Finnish exchange student (Arrturi is his name) and he's leaving back for Finland since the school year is over.

Anyway we were having a party for him and we got to talking about hobbies and I was telling him about figure skating and with the best accent ever he asks, "Awww..who is that beautiful women who skates for my country? She's so hot!"

I about fell on the floor laughing! Anywho I said, "Is it Kiira Korpi?" And he begins jumping up and down, so excited that someone knows anything about Finland. I responded that I knew the Capital City was Helsinki and his response was "everyone know that!" And I said, "In'd be surprised. Not everyone knows that!"

I told him I had to blog about this and so he texted me a picture of himself to post with this blog.

So here's to Kiira Korpi...that hot, beautiful woman who skates for Finland!

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