Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bad luck...or just plain stupid?

Oh no, apparently Alexei Yagudin has had his Porsche stolen in Moscow.

That's unfortunate, but that's not where it ends! Apparently one (he in fact has four in total) of his World Championship Gold Medals was in the know...everyone keeps their Gold Medals in their car.

It wasn't reported if it was his 98 (Minneapolis), 99 (Helsinki), 00 (Nice), or 02 (Nagano) medal. I can't imagine which one he would consider most valuable. In all, he is quoting his total loss at $1,500,000 (not sure if that is Rubles or Dollars...if it is Rubles it's around $65,000 USD). Either way, I think he's learned to not park expensive Porsche's just anywhere.

Poor poor Yagudin...bad luck or just plain decide!

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Ice Mom said...

I'm sure that he kept the medals in a very tasteful display case in the rear window. :)