Friday, June 06, 2008

More shuffling

The figure skating coaching shuffle continues. Today, Stéphane Lambiel announced that he is leaving long-time coach (13 years) Peter Grütter to train in Wayne, New Jersey with Viktor Petrenko and Galina Zmievskaya. It marks the first time Stéphane will train in the U.S.

Which of course means that Johnny Weir was a new training mate, as Johnny also is coached by the duo. Johnny's principal coach is Galina, while Stéphane's will be Viktor, however, both will help with both skaters. It's kind of like Frank Carroll and Ken Congemi or Mark Mitchell and Peter Johansson...everyone helps!

On his official website, Stéphane spoke of Peter: "It has been a difficult decision. I owe a lot to Peter Grütter. We part on good terms and remain friends." Apparently given that the Olympics are less than two years away and over the past two seasons he's gone from Defending World Champion, to World Bronze Medalist, to fifth place at World's (not the direction you want to go heading towards an Olympics), some changes needed to be made.

Two of the sports most artistic talents training together...should be interesting! I think these two can really push each other.


Anonymous said...

Weir can definitely benefit from this. Esp on quads which Lambiel seems to have kept. Not sure how much Lambiel can benefit from Weir.... Although Weir does have a great triple axel which Lambiel seems to forgotten how to do one. This is great for Weir for sure.

Aaron said...

Good point on the Quad!