Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pic of the Week

State of the Skate has a great post which reveled many of the skaters music selections for the upcoming season. I always like seeing what music everyone chooses.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Evan's choice of Rhapsody in Blue for his free skate this season. In my opinion this is a highly underused masterpiece in the world of skating. Maybe because Ilia used it to win the 1998 Olympics everyone feels its a hands off piece (but that hasn't stopped others from using other Olympic winners like Carmen or Bolero...which Evan has also skated too?).

Evan has recently been super dramatic with choices like Malaguena, Carmen, Tosca and I feel Gershwin is a bit of a departure from that. Rhapsody in Blue is kind of slinky, sophisticated, whimsy, I would even call it charming.

It's long been a piece of music I've wanted to see Michelle Kwan skate to but I'll take Evan! I certainly hope this works out for him and look forward to seeing the program in action when he debuts it at Skate America (less than two months away...can't wait).


rachel said...

I loved his "Singin' in the Rain" program back in '05, so I have a feeling I'll love this one, too.

Aaron said...

I liked that program too Nice to see him return to something less...serious!

Kelli Lawrence said...

Aaron-- Just wanted to say thanks for mentioning State of the Skate on this post! I'll be sure to update my blogroll soon to include Axels Loops & Spins (though I doubt you need the plug!)

As for Evan-- remember when he tried to skate to "Grease", but changed it mid-season? Was that the switch to Carmen? Maybe the Gershwin is a semi-return to what he left behind with that routine (not to mention the sweltering leather jacket...)

Aaron said...

I think I was one of like 5 people that actually liked the "Grease" number! But for sure, I think Gershwin and Evan are a good fit!