Wednesday, September 03, 2008

ISU Making Great Choices!

The Junior Grand Prix is in full swing but the Senior Grand Prix is just around the corner!

This year, much like last year, the ISU has decided to allow a nation that doesn't hold a Grand Prix event to host the Grand Prix Final! Last year, the final was in Turin, Italy; this year it will be in Goyang City, Korea.

And what a great place to have the Grand Prix Final! Goyang City recently held the 2008 Four Continents Cup, an event that played to sold out audiences. With the success of Yu-Na Kim, Korea is going skating crazy! Next to the U.S. and Canada, Korea is the nation that I get the most blog hits from!

I think it's great that the ISU is willing to spread the love a bit with the Grand Prix's a great way to get everyone excited about skating. Good choice ISU!

UPDATE: Get this...Korea has a National Brand! It's called Dynamic Korea and is used to promte Korea internationally. It just so happens that Yu-Na Kim is a promotional ambassador of Dynamic Korea. Assuming she makes the Grand Prix Final (and as the two time defending Champ I hope she does!) you can be sure she'll be everywhere in Goyang City!

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