Thursday, September 18, 2008

Korean Karaoke Pop Princess?

Who knew that Yu-Na Kim liked to relax by doing Karaoke to Korean pop songs!

Anywho, Yu-Na is on a mission to create the perfect program! Her free skate this season is Scheherazade, and it's a piece of music she's always wanted to skate too. "Though many skaters have used this music, I don`t mind. I will make people think about me when they hear Scheherazade," she said. She and her coach Brian Orser are committed to getting her to the top of the podium this season.

Yu-Na's first scheduled event will be Skate America (yay!) and she says she's healthy and on track to be ready. "I`ve completely recovered from last year’s injury. And the pain in my hips and waist are gone. I will try to stay in good condition for the first competition at the end of October."

Yu-Na is also planning on college having applied to Korea University in Seoul. "I will miss high school but at the same time, I`m looking forward to college life, though it hasn't hit me yet."

Full plate for Yu-Na Kim.

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