Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pic of the Week

We'll make this a Canadian Double Header today!

I'm still shocked at the below post so I decided to make the Pic of the Week about the effect of Buttle's retirement.

Meet Canada's premier men's skater and best hope for Canadian Gold in Vancouver in 2010. But of course we already know's Patrick Chan!

With J. Buttle's retirement he becomes the cream of the crop in Canada. Well some might argue he already was. While Buttle struggled on the Grand Prix, Chan did well and even won Grand Prix Paris, clinching a spot at the Grand Prix Final, Buttle stayed home. Patrick went on to defeat Buttle at Canadian Nationals but of course Buttle won World's while Chan finished 7th. I'll let you decide who was the actual "Cream of the Crop!"

But moving forward, he is the one that Canada will be hoping can bring home the goods in 2010 Vancouver. Watch the video below and listen to the commentators (Chris Howarth and Nicky Slater) and the praise they lavish on Chan at the conclusion of his World Free Skate.

UPDATE: Patrick Chan feels the heat from Buttle's retirement.

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