Friday, September 26, 2008

To Cleveland...or not to Cleveland...

To Cleveland, or not to Cleveland...that is the question.

I'm conflicted! I made a conscious decision this year to bypass going to Nationals and rather go to Four Continents Cup and World' I'm thinking I want to go to Nationals too! Am I just getting figure skating greedy?

Oh...but the's looking at me and saying. "Really? You're pushing me to the limits here! Can't you just enjoy it on HD none-the-less!"

But I love to go to these things's so much fun. I live only 7 1/2 hours from Cleveland so theoretically I could drive (I know, I know...gas prices!)and save money on airfare and rental car. Individual tickets go on Sale tomorrow and so much to decide upon! 5 good reasons to go to Nationals:

#5 Pictures for me equal pictures for you!
#4 Rematch...Johnny vs. Evan!
#3 Cleveland pun intended (Get it...Rock City..Cleveland Rocks...not funny huh?)
#2 Yay! Everyone is old enough to go to Worlds this year!
#1 Epic Battle for the two available spots on the World Team for the women.

Really...I think I have to be there!

UPDATE: It's settled...I'll be in Cleveland for all the Event Finals!


Sharon said...

Go, Aaron, go! If I could I would go to every single event possible! Sadly, as much as I love skating and have for many years, I have not been able to attend a competition. Skating shows, yes, but no comps. I need to remedy that, especially with major comps right here in America and nearby Canada. If you can, I say go for it!

Aaron said...

Good lord I did it! I bought the Event Finals package! Cashed in some miles for the flight and some Rewards points for the hotel to make for a fairly low cost weekend. Funny thing...the very next week I'm off to Vancouver...lots of traveling!