Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Youth Olympics 2012

Very exciting news...the IOC has created a commission to evaluate the four bid cities for the first ever Winter Youth Olympics in 2012.

The Youth Olympics will feature young athletes in their teens (14-18) competing in seven sports including: skiing, biathlon, ice hockey, bobsled, curling, luge, and of course figure skating.

Four cities are in the running to host: Harbin, China; Innsbruck, Austria; Lillehammer, Norway; and Kuopio, Finland.

I'm left to wonder how nations will choose the competitors for this event, specifically figure skating. Will it be junior competitors? Will senior competitors fitting into the age range be allowed?

In any case, it's nice to get a mini-Winter Olympics in during the years their are only Summer Games and vice-versa for the Youth Summer Games in 2010 in Singapore (which is pictured here celebrating their successful bid!).

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