Monday, October 06, 2008

Plushenko's Clone

It's been widely reported that Joubert has switched choreographers this season and gone from Kurt Browning to Evgeny Platov. Hmmmm...

This past weekend, Joubert competed in the 2008 French Masters competition. Quite shockingly he lost (all you Alban Préaubert fans can celebrate!), but that's not the point of this article. Take a careful look at the YouTube video below of Joubert's new short program. I know it's rough but you'll get the point.

Okay, I felt like I was watching Evgeny Plushenko out there on the ice. Joubert appears to have become Evgeny Plushenko...oh no! The footwork, the entrances into jumps, the quirky movements...everything. Aye, aye, aye! I usually try (try I said...try!) to make an attempt to bland my personal opinion and report facts but I can't help it my opinion, BAD MOVE BRIAN...BAD MOVE! I'd ask Evgeny to re-work the "moves."

But...on the upswing...I love the longer hair!

UPDATE: I had originally blogged that Plushenko was Joubert's new choreographer (noting all the similarities) and not apologies if I've confused anyone.


Anonymous said...

Hey there,
You should know that Brian indeed change a choreographer though into Evgeni Platov - not Evgeni Plushenko!
And dearness me I see in no way any similiarites between Brian and Mr. Plushenko styles of skatimg o_O

Take care,

Anonymous said...

The bit about Plushenko being Brian's choreographer was supposed to be a joke.

I wasn't impressed with Brian's short program either. I thought it lacked energy and power, particularly in the footwork. The blade issue may have had an affect on that though. I'm sure he'll work that out by TEB but I think it's missing spark. It's sort of like Belbin and Agosto's That's Entertainment FD as in it's ok but not great. I feel like it may end up being scrapped after the Grand Prix due to a chilly reception from the judges. It looks like he got a pretty decent reception at French Masters though.

I notice that he's using a wider variety of spin positions than he used to as well. That's one good thing about this program.

Aaron said...

Thanks for catching the joke...I actually got a couple e-mails about it so I decided to change the post a little...but at least someone catches my humor...hahahaha!

Brian's spins have improved but I think he's gone from substance to schtick! All the hip wagging and flippy arms and everything...too much! I can remember a Brian Joubert that didn't have all those superficial moves (wow I'm starting to sound like Dick Button!) and was amazing to watch because his skating was straight forward and non-excess...I want to see Brian return to those days. I'll get off my soap box now!