Monday, November 10, 2008

Cup of China Ramblings

All in all a decent event. Some thoughts...

Amongst the women...some of these ladies need to get their head around attempting the harder triples. I know many of them are not comfortable with lutzes and flips but I think you need to try it anyway. You're probably not going to place well without it so why not try it, get used to it, and when you hopefully make it to bigger competitions you have that experience under your belt? I say you're probably not going to place well because apparently Laura Lepisto doesn't need them in her program to medal. I'm completely baffled at how Lepisto was ranked ahead of Ashley Wagner...completely! I'm going to scrutinize those judging sheets and try to figure it out...I may post a separate post on that. Speaking of Wagner...I just love the opening minute of that 'Spartacus' about off and running! No shock about the top two, however, I think Miki Ando needs to get her head around doing a little choreography in her program. If she continues to just focus on the jumps she won't get close to the Kim's and Asada's of the world. Again Yu-Na Kim won easily, but less spectacular this time. You get so caught into her performance that it's easy to forget she fell out of her first triple lutz and has again omitted the triple loop. Food for thought...

In the pairs I was completely impressed with the artistic strides the Dan and Hao Zhang have made in their skating. I've never been their biggest fans but I really enjoyed their skating here and very much felt they deserved the win. I was really impressed with the Volosozhar and Morozov as well. I'm a sucker for the 'Pearl Harbor' soundtrack and I thought they turned a beautiful performance for the silver. On the flip side, I'm a huge fan of Pang and Tong and I didn't like either their short or free skate. I think they should rethink the music don't think it suits them. Maybe I'll give it some time to settle in. Shout out to Evora and Ladwig for landing that gorgeous throw triple lutz!

I don't know how I feel about the Ice Dance competition. We'll I know I do feel that the Italians Cappellini and Lanotte should have won the bronze, even if their free dnace was just a little too reminiscent of Jamie and David's 'Love Story,' costumes, choreography, and all. However, I thought their dancing was far superior to Khoklova and Novitski's. I love the power the Russians exhibit and they have amazing "tricks" but I feel they really lack in the inbetween stuff. Just my opinion I guess. Very, very close at the top. But it was the Russians, Domnina and Shabalin, who got the slightly (just slightly) bigger sliver of the pie. They defeated Americans Belbin and Agosto by 0.36. That's close. But to be truthful I was unimpressed with both teams. I have come to the personal conclusion that I'm not a fan of the new Tanith and Ben. I'm reminded of Angelika Krylova who had this amazing expression and all that caked on drama worked (see 'Carmen' 1998 Olympics), it doesn't work for Tanith and I'm finding myself less and less impressed with them each time I see sad for a team I love. I was also unimpressed with Domnina and Shabalin. Their 'Spartacus' bit (wow... Spartacus is in this season!) was, in my opinion, completely uninspiring. I know I'm being critical but I expect more from these top teams!

But the men really saved the day for me! For the first time this season I looked at a guy and thought, YES! Jeremy Abbott was fantastic. I don't think there was a bit of that tango music (tango's are big this season too!)that he didn't hit. Talk about working the system for every point your worth! A very much deserved win...long time in the making. I was impressed by Carriere as well! I don't think anyone, certainly not me, expected the U.S. to go 1-2 in the men's event, well done gentlemen, well done! Verner salvaged a bronze medal after an iffy free skate...nice quad though. I was so hoping Vaughn Chipeur would skate well after that great short program and that gorgeous triple axel (I was just pretty!), hopefully he can put two together soon because he has great potential.

I think we can say Belbin and Agosto and Miki Ando have made the Grand Prix Final and we can definitely say Yu-Na Kim has. Looking at the men, Lysacek now has new troubles with Abbott and Carriere's finish here and nothing definitive yet in the pairs event. Next week the Grand Prix lands in the beautiful Paris where we'll get a look at heavy hitters Asada and Joubert.

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Laura said...

I think I agree with the comment about Belbin and drama; just not sure if that role suits her. Krylova really took it to the limits though, she was hilarious (although I don't think she meant to be...hee)