Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pic of the Week

I'm giving this Pic of the Week to Ashley Wagner because despite her failure to medal at Cup of China, I thought she was great!

As promised I did look at those judges scores (I'm loving how Ice Network makes them so accessible...they're converting me!) between Lepisto and Wagner and I was again completely confused. Despite the wrong edge deductions, Wagner should have blown Lepisto away technically yet she beat her by just over a point. Why is that Yu-Na Kim's wrong edge take-off was given a positive GOE of 0.40 while Wagner's was met with a negative GOE of -1.20?

And don't get me started of the Component Scores. Lepisto's program was a snoozefest (I'm not trying to be mean...just calling it like it is!) yet she outscored Wagner on all the Component Scores. Really? Okay, calling all judges...again! What makes Lepisto's program better in the component sense?

What do you think? Here's the direct comparison below...

Also...I've been fiddling with music on the site. For your's a bit from Khachaturian's Spartacus, Ashley Wagner's Free Skate music this season.


Montclare said...

There are several reasons why Yuna Kim got more points than others.
Her jumps are usually way higher than others, much faster when she skates before jumping as ESPN caster said, and her legs are tighter than others while she's in the air.
Also she usually uses the RIGHT edges for each different jumps unlike other skaters which was some what common among female skaters.
It helps her to collect point after point and after point as Scott in NBC said during SA. So even after making a wrong edged landing and 1 point deduction for under rotated jump at this time, she still could get a positive score.
Those are the decisive difference between her and others.
Good looking and clean jumps without falling don't help skaters to get good scores with a current scoring system.
The jump should be done with a good height, speed , tightness and, the most importantly,right edge.
Ashley's problem is her hesitation before making jumps.
That caused her to make slower and lower jumps comparing with top level skaters.
Also, she needs to improve her expression in order to get more scores in the program, I think.
Although I'm also Ashley's fan, I always try to find what she can improve to compete with top level skaters.

Aaron said...

I think your comparison of Ashley to Yu-Na is dead on.

But comparing Ashley to Lepisto...Ashley is in another league and for some reason was not given the credit that's due. I actually thought Ashley might have been rushing the jumps a little as opposed to hesitating...just my take I guess.

Montclare said...

You're right, aaron !
But what I meant was, although she rushes to jump, she also hesitate to do her jumps with a strong confidence. So the actula jump looks slow and low. She needs to have more confidence on herself and her talent. She's our future as I've seen her in this season.
She will be better as time goes by.
Thanks for your reply !

Montclare said...

Oh, I forgot to mention.....
I could not understand why Lepisto stood on the podium, too.
Her artistic side was OK with me, but the athletic side was not impressive and I was little baffled when Lepisto was qualified......

rangood said...

As montclare said that there are several reasons why Yuna Kim got more points than others.
In addition, I personally think that because judge knew that yu-na's flip was not a wrong edge, Yu-na got 0.4 extra points. As you know if the skater gets "!" in there jump, the judges have to choose the jump was correct or incorrect by themselves. (There are huge difference between "e" and "!") So, if the judge thought the jump was right, they can give extra points for the jump although the jump got "!". In my opinion, I am sure that Yu-na is using right edge. She is using inside edge when she does flip jump.
However, "e" mark, which is Ashley got, is different. If the jump got "e", the judges have to give it a negative points because Technical Specialist was sure that the jump was wrong edge. So, that's why Ashley got -1.20 points.
Anyway, did you see Ashley's performance? It was really great!! I really enjoyed that!! I think she improved a lot!! Even though she was fourth place, it was awesome performance!!

Anonymous said...

Yu-Na Kim from Korea has never received 'e' since worng edge judgement system has initiated. All of experts including commentators all around the world, skaters and coaches have acknowledged all of Yu-Na's jumps as 'perfectly fit to the rules(exemplary jumps)'. Only insignificant fraction of people illogically degrades Yu-Na's jumps without solid evidences. But, ISU judges proved her jumps are perfect by presenting the best GOE to her triple flip and triple toe combination during last season.

However, Cup Of China in 2008 contained several misjudgements.

because Yuna's flip is not lip.
e mark, ! mark is obvious misjudgement.