Saturday, December 27, 2008

And the Winner Is....

Mao Asada!

But not because she won the free skate, but rather because she was the most consistent in the event, placing second in both the short and long...that was good enough for a win here!

Fumie Suguri actually won the Free Skate, rallying from fifth place after the short to take the silver medal. Despite a fourth place showing in the free, Miki Ando was able to hang on to the bronze ahead of Akiko Suzuki who outscored her in the free skate.

Leader after the short program, Yukari Nakano fell all the down to fifth place after a dismal performance. Nana Takeda rounded out the top six.

Check the full results here.

Now if I can just find the results from Russia....

UPDATE: I did a little digging and found both Fumie Suguri and Mao Asada's Free Skates on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Her second triple axel looked under rotated. I'm glad that Fumie gets to go to the Worlds instead of Yukari. Now only if you can find the Men's LPs? :-)

Aaron said...

I like Fumie and hope she get's to go...she seems to be doing better this season. We'll have to wait and see as Japan doesn't use their nationals as the deciding factor who goes, they use the entire season. We won't know until after 4CC.

Aaron *impatiently waiting*

clovera said...

I'm pretty sure the representatives for Worlds and 4CC were already announced after Nats, with the only difference being the skater in the 3rd spot. For the ladies, its
-Mao, Fumie, Miki for Worlds
-Mao, Fumie, Akiko for 4CC

Axel, Loops, and Spins is one of my favorite skating blogs on the web. Keep up the good work! :D

Aaron said...

That's awesome...and thanks/