Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pic of the Week

I was sitting on a story for the Pic of the Week...then Required Elements beat me to it! Hahaha!

But anywho, as you may have already read. Sasha Cohen has decided that she might definitely maybe be up for a 2010 Olympic Bid.

Helene Elliott of the L.A. Times got the scoop:

"I like the challenge. I think it's something I can do," she said by phone Wednesday. "I just don't want to rush myself into anything and just really take my time and train and see where I can get."

"Right now I'm in the process of training and seeing where my skill level is at," she said, adding that she has worked with different coaches and has skated in Lake Arrowhead but hasn't chosen a coach for Olympic-level preparation.

"I haven't really trained since the last time around. And I'll take all that into consideration and see if I think that I can do it and be competitive."

"I do miss the challenge and that intensity of competition when I've been going back and watching."

So...we are going to have to wait a bit longer for this mystery to be solved. But to keep us entertained in the mean time, how about Sasha's program to 'Imagine' from Japan Star's on Ice.


Rebekah Jaswa said...

"might definitely maybe" Huh. This sounds like a sure thing...

Anonymous said...

Not sure why she would do it. She certainly cannot out jump Yu-na or Mao. Which means she'll be battling for a bronze since she won't have the upper hand on the component score part. She already has a silver. I mean the only other reason she should come back is to get that elusive gold. I can see her winning US championship again because even though she cannot out jump Flatt, etc. Her component scores will certainly be higher than those 15 year olds (as it should be). Her skating is definitely more enjoyable than everyone on the scene right now except Yu-na and Mao.... even if she does a squasha (falls on a jump or two and never does a perfect program). I should think Michelle would have a better chance of getting a gold than Sasha. But frankly I really don't think either of them at this stage of the game can beat Mao or Yu-Na unless both have a very off day.