Monday, January 19, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Kimmie Meissner withdraws from Nationals

This morning, the Baltimore Sun is confirming that Kimmie Meissner will withdraw from this weeks U.S. Nationals in Cleveland.

Apparently, whille running on a treadmill a week ago she injured the hip, however, it was feeling better later in the week. Then this week while practicing for Nationals, she reinjured it landing a triple lutz. She flew home to Maryland to work with her physical therapist and doctor says no skating for two weeks.

What terrible timing for Meissner. I mean, talk about being kicked while your down. Given her abysmal season thus far...her placement last season, it is gonna take one of those fairytale like stories for her to comeback strong for the Olympics next year.

How sad.

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Anonymous said...

Well, truth of the matter is she's a none event. Should have quit when the going was good. She wouldn't have helped US getting that coveted 3rd spot at the Olympic next year anyway. I think her downfall is trying too hard to be elegant. She's not an elegant skater and she should stick to what she does best: jumping. That's how she won her World title (along with Sasha squashing). I think with this injury, it's nail in the coffin for her figure skating career. Unless she somehow gets all her jumps back, I don't see her on the Olympic team next year or for that matter, skating in the amateur circuit.