Friday, January 09, 2009


I log in this morning for my daily dose of figure skating and I see the news that several of my blogging compatriots have already reported...Tanith and Ben have withdrawn from Nationals.

This is not good news for them. It gives their closest American competitors (Davis and White) a chance to shine and steal the spotlight in a season where Meryl and Charlie were already stealing some of the spotlight. Tanith and Ben were unable to win a Grand Prix Event, Meryl and Charlie did (Skate Canada). Tanith and Ben had to withdraw from the Grand Prix Final due, in part, to the same injury that is forcing them out of Nationals, Meryl and Charlie won the bronze. Seems to me it would have been in their best interest to stop the momentum of Davis and White right there on the ice in Cleveland...but we must listen to doctors...and doctors say no.

They do intend to compete on the World Team and I see no reason why US Figure Skating wouldn't put them on the team so whoever gets the Bronze in Cleveland, well, sorry. I have a feeling that will be a battle royale between Samuelson/Bates and Navarro/Bommentre.

Across the pond, it appears the reigning World Champs, Delobel and Schoenfelder, are dealing with injuries of their own and won't compete at Europeans. Similar story for them with teams like Khoklova/Novitski and Faiella/Scali nipping at their heals, in addition to Domnina and Shablain that have always been a thorn in their side...not a great time to be sidelined.

Well I hope for a speedy recovery for all teams that are 'under the weather.'


Sharon said...

Can you believe all these injuries? But in sports you have to expect that...not all top contenders can compete and it's opportunity that knocks for lower ranked competitors. I'm a great D/W fan and was looking forward to the showdown. I believe, like Igor, that they were definitely going to give B/A a run for the title. Not happy that B/A are out but can't help but be excited for D/W. Of course, I want them to skate their very best. The battle for the silver and bronze should be interesting.

Aaron said...

I love Tanith and Ben but this season I much prefer Davis and White...the second half of that Samson and Delilah Free Dance just gets my blood pumping! It is a great opportunity and I think it sets them up well for competitions later in the season.