Tuesday, February 03, 2009

As promised...

Okay, I'm shortly off to Vancouver but before I go I did want to put down my Four Continent's Cup predictions. Amazingly, no withdrawls (yet) from this event...all the big boys and girls are in town!

GOLD - Chan (CAN)
BRONZE - Lysacek (USA)

GOLD - Virtue and Moir (CAN)
SILVER - Davis and White (USA)
BRONZE - Samuelson and Bates (USA)

GOLD - Zhang and Zhang (CHN)
SILVER - Pang and Tong (CHN)
BRONZE - McLaughlin and Brubaker (USA)

GOLD - Yu-Na Kim (KOR)
SILVER - Mao Asada (JPN)
BRONZE - Joannie Rochette (CAN)

My rationale for the men is that Patrick Chan is gonna feed off the energy that Vancouver is gonna give him. I think Nobunari Oda will continue his solid comeback season, and I think Lysacek is going to be mad about his National's skate and do better. But I'm almost sure I've got something wrong here as I didn't even put Kozuka or Abbott on the podium. Really, it's a crap-shoot.

In Dance, I think Virtue and Moir will pull it off but I do think it will be closer than it was last year...Davis and White have a lot of mileage on that program. I was tempted, like others, to put Crone and Poirier ahead of Samuelson and Bates because they're at home but I think Samuelson and Bates are smidge better. Should be interesting.

Zhang and Zhang and Pang and Tong kind of bounce back and forth as far as international victories, I think the Zhang's are due for a win. Like Lysacek, I think McLaughlin and Brubaker are not going to be happy about their recent performance in Cleveland and want to show everyone (including an international judging panel!) they have what it takes!

For the ladies, I think Yu-Na is going to rock out in Vancouver...just a feeling. I also feel Mao Asada will skate well but I think this season the judges are giving a slight (very slight!) nod to Yu-Na. I hope Joannie can hit the podium and again send the Canadian crowd through the roof!

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Sharon said...

I'm okay with your predictions for the most part but other than the overwhelming Canadian crowd that will be there, is there really a home advantage for the Canadian skaters? I mean, it's an ISU event with ISU judges. Don't really see a home field advantage here except for the aforementioned crowd. Which is huge, I know. Anyway, I'm pulling for D/W for the dance gold, I think they are better trained than V/M, but with V/M you can't deny their talent. I agree that Sam/Bates will edge out C/P. Can't wait for it to start!