Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pic of the Week

This is the part of the skating season I dislike the most. All the nationals are over with...Four Continents and Europeans are over...the only big competition left is World's and it always feels like it takes forever to get to. It's still over a month away, how will I survive? Time to watch everything I didn't watch (which isn't much!) on Ice Network.

But the Pic of the Week looks into the future...November 2009 actually. I present you the Herb Brooks Arena (or 1980 Rink) in Lake Placid, N.Y. Not sure who Herb Brooks is...1) Shame on You! 2) I suggest the Disney Movie "Miracle."

Last week or so (actually I believe it was more like a couple weeks ago...let's just say a 'while' ago) U.S. Figure Skating announced Lake Placid, NY will host 2009 Skate America. Actually, Lake Placid hosted the first Skate America in 1979 and hosted the event four times total. Lake Placid is also one of only six cities (the other five are Athens, St. Moritz, London, Paris, and Innsbruck) to host an Olympic Games twice.

I've been to Lake Placid only once (and was only there for a day!) but can tell you it's beautiful. However, for all hardcore Lake Placid info I defer to an expert, Lake Placid Skater. Herb Brooks Arena, will be the venue for the event which, for the first time, will be the second to last event in the Grand Prix series. The following week, Skate Canada will close out the regular Grand Prix events (not sure why the shuffle?).

Get ready Lake comes some of the World's best!

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