Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weekly Op-Ed: Should or Shouldn't They

It seems like we've been talking about this for years and it never seems to happen but we all keep on speculating...are any of these 'semi-retired' skaters going to make a grand comeback?

Three to focus on...Sasha Cohen, Evgeny Plushenko, and Michelle Kwan. Note: There are others.

Sasha Cohen seems the most likely to make some sort of comeback. In a recent interview with the Dallas Morning News she responded as if she wants to. I've seen her in exhibition and she looks quite fit and capable of getting competition ready.

The Russian Federation is basically begging 'Plushy' to return to competition. Valentin Piseev, Evgeny's Agent *cough* I mean President of the Russian Figure Skating Federation actually gave Plushenko the option of competing at Russian Nationals, he actually gave him the option of just showing up and competing if he wanted prior entry documents needed! Ah but marriage, divorce, politics, Olympic Bids, Eurovision's, television shows, super stardom and not to mention injury may keep him away.

Oh Michelle Kwan and the elusive Gold Medal. She's been particularly mum on the issue. However, she has never stated that she will not return. So my thinking is, she has to kind of be thinking about it if she just won't say no. But she too has gotten herself wrapped up in politics as a Diplomatic Envoy, a post she has retained under the Obama Administration.

The overlying question is, however, should they?

I say why not! If they can somehow get back into competition ready shape and shock us all or if they try and will sure make for some interesting skating.

And interesting is something skating could use right now...especially here in the U.S. Can you imagine the press attention and ratings spike if Sasha and Michelle were in Spokane next season, each on an unfulfilled Olympic Quest. And what a situation if you have to consider Plushenko into the mix internationally.

I'm just giddy with excitement on the prospect alone!


Phyllis said...

I totally agree with you. If they're good enough to qualify, they have a right to come back. They have a right no matter what, even if they don't make it all the way and all they achieve is a good try.

I recently read that Sasha Cohen landed 4 triples in a recent Stars on Ice show. Michelle Kwan has been quoted as saying that she's training again just to see how far she can go, whether it be to the Olympics, skating in shows, or skating with her young nieces. Word on the street is that she has gotten her double axel and all of her triples back, except the loop, which is the one that gave her hip trouble.

Anonymous said...

Plushy has a very good chance of another gold if he gets back in shape. Considering how weak the men's field has become, he can just unleash his quads, triple, doubles and skate his way to another gold. I would love to see Sasha and Michelle come back. However, if they think they can get gold over Mao and Yuna, then they are kidding themselves unless they can do triple triples. I think Michelle has given up on that years ago. I don't recall ever seeing Sasha doing a triple triple. Actually, I don't recall Sasha ever doing a clean sp + lp.

Isobel said...

I'd love to see either Michelle or Sasha come back, but Plushenko's arrogance irritates me. Though I'd love to see his reaction if he came back only to lose to a certain 19-year-old Canadian kid...