Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hamilton for Hire

Oh I didn't want to write this post. I put it off until Tuesday...that's how much I didn't want to write it!

So this week, the task is to create a comic book book character that shows off Zappos.com's dedication to customer service. The women pick Khloe Kardashian as their project manager and the men pick...Scott Hamilton!

Off to the war room and chaos ensues. Nobody can come up with an idea save Denis Rodman who suggests it be a flamboyant gay man...couture and all, Tom Green is running around the room like an idiot performing, and Clint Black is snapping at everyone. Worst part is that Scott cannot get a handle on things.

After hours of wasted time, the team finally comes up with a workable concept, time for a name...Scott decides on EEE...Everything, Everyone, Everytime. Oh my goodness, I about fainted! EEE!

I have to interject here, all through this episode I'm screaming at the television the best idea ever and none of them listened, men or women. As soon as I knew the task I had the perfect idea. I would have made it a guy named Zap! And Zap would 'shock' you with his customer services. But anyway...

To the boardroom and of course the women win again because while their concept was basically the same as the guys, their characters name was Mizz Z...see how they used the Z?

So of course Scott is in the hot seat...he brings Tom Green back with him who was a disaster during the task and Hershel Walker to back him up. In the end it really comes down between Tom and Scott and Donald Trump couldn't get over the name of the character and fired...Scott :-(

I was so sad...so with only the second show, our boy is gone! I don't care who wins now...so long as it isn't Tom Green!

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