Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Exposing the Beauty

I rarely deviate from Figure Skating on this blog unless to bring my readers something I find very important. To that end, I'm going to shamelessly promote one of the greatest expeditions ever conceived and ask that you support it with your vote.

Imagine two photographers, on a tight budget, traveling the world, simply taking pictures and experiencing the culture of others. Wouldn't that be the trip of a lifetime? Well, two guys, Dave and Marc, are planning on doing just that. Dave and Marc will walk, run, ride, swim, float and fly to 65 countries spanning 6 continents in 365 days, on a mission to expose the beauty of the world's most pristine, unique, iconic, and exotic locations – and share it all in HD.

This trip is so important because their journey will undoubtedly shed light on parts of the world woefully neglected as well as celebrate what it is to be human.

They are taking place in the Name Your Dream Assignment Contest. The winners of that contest receive $50,000, a sum of money that would go a long way toward helping them fund this trip. You can help them win this contest by voting here. They are amongst the top entries so every vote counts.

They are calling their journey 'Exposing the Beauty' and you can keep track of them and follow their journey at their website I know they will be grateful for every vote they can get.

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dhuting said...

Thanks for the help! It didn't work out but the adventure is still happening, 100% We just won't be property of Microsoft...which in the end will make our story that much more compelling.

See you in Tahiti! Thanks again,