Wednesday, April 08, 2009

On the topic of comebacks...

While we're discussing possible comebacks, a fellow blogger (E.M. Swift at Swift Takes...wonder if that's the same E.M. Swift that co-authored My Sergei?)posted an interesting story about Michelle Kwan and the rumored comeback.

I'm staying out of this fight! But if you care to put in your two cents can check it out here. Heated discussion indeed.

Memorable quote from the article..."Compared to the lithe, butterfly-like Kim, Kwan would look like George Foreman did at the end of his career. Kwan may be old in figure skating years, but she's not a punch-drunk numbskull. The only place you'll see her in Vancouver is in the television booth."


Anonymous said...

There are lots of assessment from that blogger. He's correct in some of his logic and some of them are just plain wrong. I do think he wrote what he wrote because he wants lots of comments (and he did get them).

Kwan will be back at the Olympic next year. But only as a sportscaster. Figure skating has always been the biggest draw for Olympics. Since US ladies are doing so badly, it only makes sense for NBC to hire Kwan to drum up the ratings.

Kwan is no fool. Why would she compete unless she can get gold (since she already has bronze and silver)? Without triple triples, it's not likely she'll win. I think that blogger is wrong to compare Kwan with Yuna simply because they are skating in a totally different era with different scoring systems. Because who knows, maybe Kwan would be doing the same difficult moves as Yuna during the 90s had the scoring system been the same. Kwan had triple triples during her earlier years. Had that been 'required', she could have easily put that in her programs every year she competed.

Anyway, I would love to see Kwan skate professionally but I guess there's no need for her to do that since she has so much money from all the endorsements she had garnered during her skating years. I missed her commentating at the Worlds because I was there in person. I would not mind to hear her comments next year at the Olympics.

E.M. Swift said...

That is the same E.M. Swift who co-authored My Sergei.

Aaron said...

I feel a celebrity has joined us! Seriously, I read the book front to back without stopping when it came out...I loved it.