Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sad Note

I was reading Lifeskate today and sad news indeed. Apparently, shortly after Patrick Chan's Silver winning free skate, his grandfather passed away.

According to CTV "Chan's grandfather died in South Bend, Indiana right after his grandson skated to a silver medal on Thursday night. He was told of Patrick's achievement before he died. The grandfather was a long-time smoker and had been very ill."

The eeriest part about this, if you remember Jeffrey Buttle's grandfather died right after he won the World Figure Skating Title last season. The fact that this has happened two years running to Canadians make me shiver a little.

All of my sympathies and prayers are extended to the Chan Family.

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Warsaw Homes For Sale said...

Sad day indeed. What an emotional roller coaster that must have been for Patrick.

Grandfather expiring back home in Indiana during the highlight of his life. That's weird.