Saturday, April 11, 2009

What are you searching for?

I have a blog tracking system that does a nice job of keep track of the traffic flowing into my blog.

It doesn't tell me precisely who you are...but it does tell me what country you are coming in from, where on my website you are clicking, etc. You may have noticed I have added some Canadian, Korean, and Japanese content to my side bar (television sites, broadcasters, etc.) because I can see a lot of people surfing in from those places. Axels, Loops, and Spins has gone global and I love it!

Another interesting feature that my blog tracker gives me is the referrer function. It tells me if another website has referred you to my site. If it's a Search Engine such as Google or AOL, it tells me what you were searching for that brought me to my site. This week there have been some interesting searches...

From multiple searches (and countries?) people are wanting to know if Ryan Bradley is gay? I don't think he is, but should I learn any info to the contrary, I'll let you know.

Large number of searches coming in looking for Yu-Na Kim in Concert. I just recently learned that Yu-Na is quite the singer and apparently people are looking for a performance of her singing live. I don't know exactly what performance people are searching for, but I was able to find the video below from this past Christmas, enjoy.

And the two biggest search items have been and continue to be Michelle Kwan and Sasha Cohen and if they will be competing next season. When I'll know.

UPDATE: Yuna Kim Fan posted two more videos of Yu-Na showing off her singing talent.


Yuna Kim Fan said...

Here is a link for Yuna Singing a duet with Korean pop star Taeyeon on a New Year's day Special on KBS: Kim Yuna & Tae Yeon - Can you hear me? < >
and from another show in spring of 2008 singing "If" (another TaeYeon song): < >


jk_ready said...
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jk_ready said...

Here is another clip from the same show she appeared. She doesn't sing this time but shows off her Danse Macabre ending pose. I thought it was cute :)