Saturday, April 04, 2009

When Blogger's Collide

Are we Blogger's multiplying in such numbers that we can bump into each other at random?

Well, I don't think that's the case but it's nice to see that it does happen. I was reading LP Skater's new blog, The Adventures of LP Skater: A Travel Blog, and saw she bumped into Susan over at Lifeskate (Recent winner of a Loop Axel Award!).

Of course it was great fun meeting and chatting (and tweeting and texting) with Jumping Clapping Man at World's in Los Angeles.

All of this got me thinking on a completely random tangent. I could just imagine all of us bloggers running a competition! Just imagine the role YOU would play! Me, I cast myself as the Technical Specialist!


jumping clapping man said...

I'd be the towel boy.

Or the corrupt (Russian) judge.

Kelli Lawrence said...

Since my background is in video producing/directing, I'd be out in the truck doing one of those things, with any luck... and working Czisny's FS into the broadcast by hook or by crook!

(With all due respect to the fine network folks-- Doug Wilson, David Michaels, etc.)

Lake Placid Skater said...

Maybe I would be a judge?? Or an accountant?? Or the journalist?? Hard to decide ;)

Thanks for putting up my link! I decided that I would try to just leave the LP Skater site for skating news, and do a seperate one for my frequent travels :)

It was cool to see Susan at Rockefeller Center; just shows that blogging is an even smaller world than figure skating ;)


Laura said...

Pleeeeease let me run the press office. It would be so nice to be the one with all the power for once! And I would give more bloggers press passes!

Ice Charades said...

This one's too good to pass up - even on vacation.

I'd love to be one of those little champ's AGENT.

Someone has to keep track of those "Skatin' To Kenny" tv shows in their future.

Ice Mom said...

I'm the wacko skating mom! And I get to wear crystals, lots and lots of crystals!