Friday, May 01, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Skate Canada in the hot seat!

ABC's World News with Charles Gibson will air tonight a story showcasing Skate Canada's attempt to make mens figure skating more macho.

It will air at 6:30 p.m. EST

Get the full scoop here!

UPDATE: I received several reactions to this story via twitter last night. It was a wide range of opinions.

One person compared Skate Canada to Hitler...they're attempting to exterminate gays like he exterminated Jewish people.

A few people were just generally angered and said Skate Canada should butt out of what skater are doing on the ice.

One comment in particular I liked was a person hoping Brian Orser would speak out on the issue and give his opinion. Orser's opinion would certainly carry some weight.

Another tweeter made a good point that while skaters ought to be able to express themselves how they like, it can't hurt to try to broaden the appeal of the sport...good point.

Two tweeters commented on the fact that Elvis Stojko looks much better without a joke...they did.

Just received another tweet, one is concerned that the same thing is happening in the U.S., just covertly.

Feel free to tweet me (@ skating102) your thoughts or post them here.


Elizabeth said...

Um, that was interesting... I just watched. I actually think what Skate Canada is doing is kind of cool. Skating is incredibly athletic and most hockey players actually seek out figure skating coaches to improve their skating skills. I'm disappointed that Skate Canada's philosophy and publicity move is being taken as "anti-gay" and not simply another chapter on athleticism vs. artisitry in figure skating.

Skate Canada isn't focusing just on men's skating as being athletic, but all disciplines. It's unfortunate that ABC focused on men's skating and the perception that it's a sport for gay men. Who cares? I love skating and all the participants - gay or straight.

jumping clapping man said...

Anything that smacks of anti-gay is abhorrent. It's a bit like Miss California talking about how marriage should be "opposite sex" only... in front of an enormously gay audience and fan-base. HELLO STUPID!@#$%

but, i agree with "Elizabeth", in that to continue to encourage and nurture both artistic and athletic skating qualities is a plus. they are the yin/yang or right brain/left brain of skating, and when both thriving will only increase interest in skating, because when both strong, they offer a tenuousness that makes skating so compelling.

speaking of stojko, i don't think a skater like him would thrive today. noone who is purely athletic would rise to the top. this system demands some level of artistry and detail that i think would weed out OR force the evolution of a skater like that. the closest i can think of now is vaugn chiper (sp?), or joubert when he started (who has evolved quite a bit, although NOT enough).

Anonymous said...

There is nothing "wussy" about a triple axel.

Leave the men to be as they want to be.

Most of my straight male friends that watch figure skating, if they do at all, watch for two reasons - 1. the wipeouts and 2. the women. That means they're watching pairs and womens.

Leave the men to be as they want to be.