Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pic of the Week

"He doesn't skate like a man. He doesn't skate like a woman, but he doesn't skate like a man."

That's my favorite line when Johnny is doing the voice-overs in the preview for Pop Star on Ice.

Pop Star on Ice, of course being the documentary...or perhaps docudrama given Weir's tendencies for the dramatics, that premiered at last weekend's International Film Festival in Seattle.

Subsequent showings are planned in different locations in the coming weeks.

The reviews are in and they appear to be generally quite good. One critic wrote, "A documentary that follows Johnny Weir, the openly flamboyant U.S. champion figure skater, through three years of triumph, frustration, hard work, and self-expression. Taking a restrained yet self-assured approach, the film lets all the different sides of Johnny Weir come through, without either demonizing or idolizing this undeniably intriguing young man."

When is Pop Star on Ice 2? Well, it comes in the form of series slated to air on the Sundance Channel entitled "Be Good Johnny Weir."

A star is born! Well, that's assuming you didn't consider him a star to begin with.

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