Wednesday, May 06, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Sasha Cohen to Compete!


Sasha Cohen has announced plans to compete next season and attempt to make the 2010 U.S. Olympic Team.

In a press announcement from Winnipeg, Canada, Sasha announced she will be training in Lake Arrowhead with Rafeal Artunian.

Sasha has also informed U.S. Figure Skating that she would accept an invitation to compete at Skate America in Lake Placid should one be offered her (I think my decision to go or not may have just gotten easier!).

Sasha will begin full training June 1 after resting a sore ankle.

A formal announcement is expected a week from Friday.


Katrina said...

I like Sasha but I think she's nuts. She's never competed under this new system (or has she? It's been so long). She and Michelle both. It takes more than one season to get use to the system. Even Evan has said that!

Aaron said...

The great thing for Sasha is she has competed under this system and done so successfully (we have to pinch ourselves to remmeber it went into effect in 2003). Even with technical errors she can score high marks under the component scores (see Olympic Silver Medal!).

I think she does have a bit of an uphill battle though. I don't think it will be the cake ride everyone thinks it will be to get past the likes of Flatt, Zhang, and Wagner at U.S. Nationals for the spot...but I like the hutzpah she's showing by trying!

Should she make it to the olympics, I think she'll have a tougher time with Kim, Asada, Rochette and company.

In the end, I think the move is great for U.S. Figure Skating and might give the sport a bit of a ratings nudge next season.

Now if we can just get Michelle to do the same...

Anonymous said...

If Michelle comes back, she can certainly revive figure skating. Don't know why Squasha is coming back. Does she think she can top her silver? It's almost cruel to deny the new youngsters a chance to go to Olympic.

Anonymous said...

I think that it is a bad idea. I think they are both wonderful skaters, but since the United States can only send 2 girls to the Olympics and those girls have trained and dreamt of going to the olympics their whole lives. Both Sasha and Michelle have been to the Olympics and in Michelle's case more than one Olympics. How would they have felt if they got pushed out from making the team because Debi Thomas decided to make a come back. Plus, I don't think they can compete against the international girls especially Yu Na Kim and Mao Asada.

Heather said...

To those of you who think it is unfair to the younger girls for Sasha to come back and try to make the Olympic team...that's what the Olympics is all about...competing against the best athletes in the world! If they can't even get into the Olympics because of Sasha...well then they just aren't good enough to go. It's called competition. And in my opinion, Sasha poses a huge threat... Sasha 2010!!!!

Aaron said...

In the end...I must agree with you Heather. We become invested in all of these athletes and we want each and everyone to get their chance.

But a competition is a competition, and at the Olympics we always want to put our best foot forward. I saw let anyone who wants to compete compete...and may the best one win.