Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Skate Canada I think will shoot themselves!

Skate Canada, rather unintentionally I think, has created quite the PR Mess!

Believe it or not (I didn't even know it!), I can do true journalism! Check out my first 'big boy' story!

Skating ratings may get a boost as this plays out, but for all the wrong reasons!


Isobel said...

Ah well, whatever Skate Canada does right about now, it probably won't come off looking nearly as bad as the ISU's recent decision to remove the lesser skaters from the free skate entirely. Stokjo should go slamming them; his Mexican skaters will suffer.

Maat said...

I am not sure it is totally anti-gay, it just comes off as awkward. In any case, it does feel like blow to the people who likes the sport the way it is, regardless of gender and/or sexual orientation.

I also think they are on the completely wrong track. To get more people to view a sport, they need more people doing it on a recreational basis. I recently went to the World Cup in dressage in Las Vegas, the arena was packed (more so than going to 4CC and Skate America), and it was packed with people who ride.

I think the Figure Skating organisations should try to get more adult, recreational skaters, so people don't view it a sport for children (like USFSA's dreams & a pair of skates ads). People in the US breath and live football through thier whole life, of course they will follow it when they grow old (and rich).

to apppreciate the athletics we dont need tracksuits or uniforms, but people on the ice trying for them selves. It seems USFSA is trying to make champions instead of participants...

this is of course a lot longer reaching, and wouldnt help Skate Canada getting more viewers within a year for the Olympics.