Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sweet Tweet

Just bored at work and discovered some more skaters on Twitter for all of you to keep tabs on...

Evan Lysacek (@ EvanLysacek)
Armin Mabanoozadeh (@ Armin_hammer)
Denis Petukhov (@ OlympianUncut)
Molly Oberstar (@ uuberstar)
Johnny Weir (@ JohnnyGWeir)

As always...don't forget me (@ skating102)!


Anonymous said...

Wow...Twitter's really catching on in the skating world! I guess since short is the name of the game, it's easier for them to update more often. I don't have it myself but I do enjoy reading them.

jumping clapping man said...

"OlympianUncut" – hahahahaha

Aaron said...


I like Armin-hammer too...catchy!