Saturday, May 23, 2009

This close...

Once I figured out what people were talking about I was instantly intrigued.

For the record, I almost flew out to Seattle to see this. As I was punching my Mileage Plus Number into the search field at United Airlines I thought to myself..."Really? What are you doing?"

Someone else will have to fill me in on Johnny Weir's screen debut. Pop Star on Ice premiers tomorrow at the Seattle International Film Festival.


Anonymous said...

I was about to do the same thing too before I came to my senses. Jumping on an airplane to watch a movie? Sheer insanity. ;)

Laura said...

AH I wish you had flown out to see it. I am very interested. I hope they air it on Sundance at some point before next season.

Maat said...

I went, being a convenient 30 min drive away, and it was pretty good. I actually thought it was very well put together as a dcumentary, directors did a great job. I also think it shed some interesting light on his relationship with Hill and the coach change. I learned some new things about Johnny, but i don't know if every fan will.

There were some very funny press conferences in there, and some stellar Lambiel moments as well!

I did not stay for the Q&A (was hungry, had dinner reservations)